Written & Directed by: Costa Kalogiros
Produced By : Katerina Chaimanta, Costa Kalogiros
Director of Photography: Holger Jungnickel

AWARDS: Best director at “CYIFF,” international film festival, Shortcutz Berlin “A special mention.”

Special screenings: Cannes film festival, short film corner 2010, Shortcutz, Anima festival, Kubric short film festival

An urban mirage

Inspirational video for the upcoming feature film “A shimmering Urban Mirage” by Costa Kalogiros.

Written and directed by Costa Kalogiros
Starring: Iris Baglanea, Marta Stamatopoulou
Cinematography: Christos Polychronopoulos
Edit: Costa Kalogiros
Art director: Alkyoni Papakonstantopoulou (aka Poisoner)
Music & sound design: Costa Kalogiros
Camera Assistant: Giorgos Milonakis
Set dresser: Marta Stamatopoulou
Production Assistants: Antonis Ververis – Alexis Papanikolaou

Special thanks : P&A Kalantzis (Barbera Cafe) , Syni Pappa

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A film by Costa Kalogiros 

Directed by Costa Kalogiros

Starring Ioanna Papachristou 

Cinematography, edit, sound design by Costa Kalogiros

Special thanks to Ermis Tziotis

Tech Specs: Panasonic GH2 / Moon T7 / Konica Hexanon 40mm / Fujian 35mm / Filmconvert / FcpX ,all handheld.



An experimental short film by Costa Kalogiros

Written and directed by: Costa Kalogiros

Starring : Nafsika Stathi

Cinematography, edit by: Costa Kalogiros

Filmed in Veria,Greece

Special thanks to Vera Sioukiouroglou and “Kokkino Spiti Boutique Hotel” Special thanks to Johnny H. Feelmore and Vasso Michailidou 

Specs: 1080p / Gh2 / Moon7 / Smooth B&W / -2 Lenses: Konica Hexanon 40mm / Panny 14mm / Fujian CCtV 35mm



A film by Costa Kalogiros

Specs: 1080p / Gh2 / Moon7 / Smooth B&W / -2 Lenses: Konica Hexanon 40mm / Panny 14mm / Fujian CCtV 35mm

Buenos Aires nos vemos en Berlin

Documentary Pilot

A film by Costa Kalogiros

DP: Holger Jungnickel

Effter - Mens Rea

Music Video

Directed by : Costa Kalogiros

eMMeWieMutteR : Bondage Design & Performance Art The Sewing Machine :

Piercing & Performance Art Darkam :

Body Performance Corinna : Body Performance Jessica Hellman : Actress Dorothea Katherina Ritter : Actress Brian Papish : Director of Photography Teresa Hernández : Production Manager Alessandra Leone : Art Director

Spit the blood - Track 5

Music Video

Directed by : Costa Kalogiros

Morning pages

Short experimental

A film by Costa Kalogiros